Seeds are free for users from non-profit institutions. Users will pay for shipping. Please provide a prepaid shipping label. We will ship 30 seeds per line and users can order up to 10 lines twice a year. If you require additional lines please contact: Prof. Pamela Ronald
The cost of seeds for users of for-profit institutions is $1,499 for the first-line then $1,253 for each additional line.
Please create a shipping label with the following information:
Randy Ruan
(530) 752-6780

355 Hutchison hall
Dept of Plant Pathology
UC Davis, Davis, CA 95616


All payments should be made by check or money order to UC Davis in US Dollars. UC Davis does not accept credit card payments. When paying invoices, checks are made payable to the “Regents of the University of California” or “UC Regents.” All payments should be sent directly to the address below:

P.O. BOX 741816
LOS ANGELES, CA 90074-1816

For queries related to billing please contact: Vickey Webster

Permit Information

Most of the mutant lines carry the rice XA21 transgene. All rice seed is bulked up in UC Davis greenhouses. UC Davis does not provide phytosanitary certificates. Before completing the order information, please upload your completed interstate or importation permit if required by your institution (sample here) or upload a pdf stating that a permit is not required. Note: According to the CDFA, permits are not required for transport of transgenic rice seed within California. UC Davis will notify the CDFA of intrastate movement.

Seed Order Form


Please use ',' to enter more than one mutant ID.